Screensurfer Integrates Call Center for Towers Perrin

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Towers Perrin Got Thin thanks to Screensurfer

Going from a thick client to a thin client was Towers Perrin's objective. Now, here is the skinny on how it actually came to be.

One of the world's largest management and human resources consulting firms, Towers Perrin helps organizations improve performance and manage their investment in people, advising them on human resource strategy and management, organizational effectiveness, compensation, benefits and communication. The firm has more than 8,300 employees and 78 offices in 71 cities worldwide.

For quite some time, Towers customer services representatives had been operating within a thick client architecture and desperately needed to move to a thin client environment to improve efficiency and reduce system demands. Thanks to Screensurfer, Towers Perrin's 700 customer service representatives (located in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Virginia) were quickly able to have access to all of their applications on one frame on the desktop. With Screensurfer the customer service representatives experienced more productivity than ever before with less hardware requirements.

Towers Perrin reviewed several products, but none measured up to Screensurfer. Using iFrames (a browser object introduced by Microsoft in Internet Explorer and available later in other browsers), multiple applications worked together, including call management software, call pop integration and access to the existing Mainframe CICS application. With Screensurfer, screens could be passed-through without needing further modification.

Integration of Call Information

As a call arrived at the CSR's desktop, the callpop software utilized at Towers Perrin would trigger a request for the user's record/top-level information. Due to Screensurfer's ability to be integrated at the javascript level, the active Mainframe session would be synchronized with the call-center application, avoiding redundant keying by the CSR as well as unnecessary delays for the customer on the phone.

"Screensurfer fits the niche we needed to fill perfectly," stated Sandy Dondici, Product Manager of Towers Perrin. "Additionally, the level of service provided has been exceptional, and they continue to go above and beyond."

After years of service, the original mainframe application was migrated to a modern platform and the Screensurfer application was retired after providing exceptional ROI.

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