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Fast and Functional Web-Based TN5250 Terminal Emulation

TN5250 is now the most popular method of delivering AS400 and iServer 5250 terminal emulation due to the flexibility and freedom from proprietary SNA and Twinax network environments. Meanwhile, the use of TN5250 outside of a company's walls is a very low-security environment. With the Flynet Viewer FVTerm application running with the Industry standard SSL solution of Microsoft IIS, TN5250 applications can be delivered as 100% HTML and javascript to all popular browsers, with no changes required on the AS400 / iSeries / IBM i.

Many companies have implemented user productivity applications that work as Web applications, yet still have a terminal emulator running on the user's desktop. With Flynet Viewer, the TN5250 applications can be integrated at the browser so that the users see a single menu, and can easily switch between other web applications and the TN5250 emulation session.

We call traditional TN5250 emulators ported to execute in the Web environment the "emulator-in-a-box" solution. That is because while users initiate emulation from a "real" HTML web page, the result is typically a separate window that pops-up and becomes the TN5250 emulator. This window is typically a Java Applet or an ActiveX control, and offers little integration with other HTML page objects, meaning little integration with your pages!

Another problem with TN5250 emulation delivered using an emulator-in-a-box is that enhancing the user interface is problematic compared to the ease of implementing an HTML-based enhancement with a product like Flynet Viewer and the responsive web pages that can be created with the Designer Studio. Large, clumsy graphical user interface code modules must be downloaded for every enhanced TN5250 screen which makes for stuttering and annoying delays. This doesn't even cover the low-level programming skills required to make a GUI user interface really work for a TN5250 screen compared to an HTML user interface.

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Flynet Viewer

Flynet Viewer has the best web-delivered terminal emulation on the market today. It provides the highest level of security, by keeping the mainframe connections behind the firewall and by connecting on the web with the highest level of SSL available today. It provides the highest network efficiency by utilizing HTTP compression and "send changes only" while supporting the new HTML5 web sockets when available. It provides the highest network compatibility by supporting traditional AJAX communications when the relatively new web sockets protocol isn't available.

For upgrading user experiences as well as building web service integration, Flynet Viewer provides "everything you need" and "nothing you don't want" for screen interfacing by development teams utilizing Microsoft IDE environments such as Visual Studio and ASP.NET on IIS

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