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The use of greenscreens to provide functionality to new applications has had mixed success in the technosphere (can you spell EHLLAPI? ). As a result, we frequently encounter strong skepticism from potential customers.

Against the backdrop of this "screenscraping fear," we enjoy the challenge of rapidly proving how successful our technology and approach can be in your organization.

Inventu Proof-of-Concept Delivery

Quickly providing a working, live proof-of-concept, running on your server, is our most successful bridge between skepticism and delight. 

How it works is simple. We talk about your requirements, your host system and your overall goals. From there, an initial framing of the proof-of-concept (POC) is identified. Once the the outline is established, the following timeline is typical:

  1. Either independently or in web conference with one of our support staff, you record how your people interact with the host screens (using a recording tool we provide under a 30-day product evaluation).
  2. Using your recording, we model your screen's content and navigation and generate either a fully functioning Web Service or an ASP.NET User Interface solution.  For some hosts, such as highly dynamic UNIX or DEC/VMS VT100 applications, this step may require a VPN connection to your host and a test account.
  3. We demonstrate to you in a Web Conference to confirm that the POC has met your needs.  Any further tweaking of the POC will be based on one or two of these demonstration web conferences.
  4. The POC is installed on one of your servers for internal demonstrations.
  5. If you proceed with a purchase, the consulting services involved in the production of the POC are included in your first invoice.  This typically will not exceed 3 days of consulting at remote development rates.  If you chose to not proceed, we invoice you at a 30% discount for our work in helping you decide if our technology is right for you.

Please call or email our sales staff if you are interested in qualifying for the Proof-of-Concept Solution at 888-352-8403 (press 1 for sales) or .

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