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Second generation of Screensurfer significantly increases developers' productivity with flexible, integrated pass through of 3270 screen applications in concert with both new and existing ASP applications.

BURLINGTON, MASS. - November 24, 1998 -- iE, a leading provider of Web development tools and services, today introduced the latest version of its Screensurfer 3270-to-Web development tool, the first and only 3270 solution to be made available to developers as a free Web download from Screensurfer 1.3E provides Active Server Pages support, expanding Screensurfer's ability to pass through large amounts of 3270 screen data in addition to providing developers with the flexibility to incorporate Active Server Pages functionality into Screensurfer applications. The SABRE Group and The University of Santa Barbara are both currently using Screensurfer 1.3 with Active Server Pages to create Web-based applications that integrate with mainframe systems.

Screensurfer is a high-performance, secure, low-cost, and easy-to-use Web gateway which leverages non-proprietary HTML and JavaScript to deliver 3270-based applications and information to clients via any standard Web browser. The new Active Server Pages functionality is designed to save significant development man hours and speed project delivery by giving developers increased functionality in a robust environment. Developers can now call the data through designated tags, and Screensurfer will grab the http value and pass it through without the developer having to do it by hand.

"We believe that Screensurfer is the first 3270-to-Web gateway that can pass through formatted screen fields inside an Active Server Page simply by creating a tag," says Bill Thorne, Screensurfer Group VP. "These new Active Server Pages capabilities further Screensurfer's attractiveness to the developer because this is another way to leverage developers' current skill sets -- utilizing HTML and JavaScript. Developers can use JavaScript to enhance screens in their Active Server Pages incorporating 3270 data."

The University of California at Santa Barbara is currently using Screensurfer 1.3 to create new applications for its student information system called Gaucho. Students can access their grades, financial aid and billing status, and class schedules through the online system, which is linked directly to the university's mainframe. Through Active Server Pages, developers are integrating the system, originally created with Screensurfer 1.3C, to registration and calendar systems and will also provide students with a personalized interface and links.

According to Joe Sabado, UCSB systems analyst, "the session management capabilities through Active Server Pages utilizing Screensurfer is a key benefit as thousands of students access Gaucho. We are also streamlining authentication so that students only need to log in once to access different systems through what we call 'GOLD' - Gaucho Online Data. All of the applications and data pass through are powered by Screensurfer."

The SABRE Group, a leader in electronic distribution of travel and travel-related services, is currently using ScreenSufer 1.3 to create an Intranet help-desk application to manage help-desk inquiries. More than 450 Employees will have access to the new system, which the company expects to save time and cut costs by making the system more intuitive for help-desk support staff. The new Web-brower applications are scheduled to roll out in Q1 1999.

About Screensurfer

Screensurfer is a true Web gateway for screen-based host applications that allows developers to quickly and easily re-package 3270-based screens and information as enhanced HTML pages and easily provide access to 3270-based screens and information from any standard Web browser. A free developer download of Screensurfer is available at

Screensurfer provides enhanced 3270-to-HTML protocol conversion with both SNA and TN3270/TN3270E support. The product's HTML templates are easy to learn with wizards and scripts for quick screen formatting and standardization. Screensurfer has standard HTTP Web server port access and can maintain connection and re-connection to a host system at any time from a bookmarkable URL. Browser-based administration and customization give systems administrators the ability to view any active session, interact with user screens if necessary, and create password/ID security protection.

Performance and Security

Through compiled template technology, Screensurfer avoids costly text merging during user requests, enabling renovation of even the busiest screens without any runtime performance impact. The server-based solution also provides direct management of hundreds to thousands of concurrent 3270 transactions with very small memory requirements. Performing as an NT service, Screensurfer is integrated with Microsoft Windows NT for compatibility with systems management products. Screensurfer naturally integrates with existing host-based security systems such as RACF. Applications can easily implement additional levels of authentication and authorizations, including restricting access by client IP address and blocking access to any but a specific set of identified screens.

Pricing, Platform and Availability

The Screensurfer developer download is available for free via the Web at Using little more than 1.5 megabytes, Screensurfer can be downloaded quickly. Screensurfer runs on Windows/NT 4.0 and supports SNA Server and Internet standard TN3270/TN3270E. Product and support is available via the Web at

About iE

iE ( provides solutions that enable its customers to gain advantage from information assets via Web and object technology. Our legacy integration products and advanced technology services have enabled clients in financial services, government, telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, distribution, travel, and retail industries to deploy business-critical applications through the power of the Internet, Java, and object technology. From locations in Burlington, MA, Deerfield, Illinois, and Sunbury-on Thames near London, England, the company delivers services and products worldwide. Founded in 1985, iE is a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) as IEN.

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