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December, 2011-  z/Journal:

"Ways to Save Money and Improve IT Services"

A better solution is an ASP.NET terminal emulator that can render the host screens in HTML. This eliminates the need to download a terminal emulator plug-in. The use of XML over HTTP means screen updates and key presses are sent over the network as they occur, minimizing network traffic while complying with open Web standards. It also ensures that the screen seen in the browser is synchronized with the host...

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October, 2010-  Boston Globe:

"New Web part Connects SharePoint to Mainframe"

Inventu Corporation, developer and supplier of data integration solutions, today announced the availability of Flynet Viewer 2010 With SharePoint Host Access Web Part. The new feature is a must have for developers using Microsoft SharePoint who wish to include data and workflows from core business applications residing on mid-frame and mainframe systems such as IBM AS400, ISeries and UNIX systems, in their SharePoint solutions.

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September, 2006-  The Code Project:

"A Design Breakthrough: Low-cost Enterprise Web Services"

What good is a Service Oriented Architecture with no services? There are many great ways to exploit a Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA, a.k.a. bunch'a web services. CodeProject members familiar with the Visual Studio Web Reference capability know how easy it is to point at a server and gain access to its available web service calls. Along with Visual Studio,there are a number of available commercial products and libraries that can consume a web servicebut only if theweb serviceis available!

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May, 2003-  Cold Fusion Developer's Journal:

"Bring screen-based applications to the browser in HTML format quickly and painlessly"

Stephen Rittler & Greg Lang

Every developer will at some point have to integrate his or her work with a legacy system running on a mainframe platform. These projects tend to be both painful and challenging due in no small part to the limited information- sharing capabilities of outdated, albeit stable, systems... View full text

March 2000-  Communications News:

"Court Shares Records- Charleston County, South Carolina uses ScreenSurfer Internet/Web server software"

Providing quick access to information is a chief commitment of Charleston County, S.C., the first municipality in the nation to give the public Web access to court documents...

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November, 1999-  Communications Solutions


Roger Willcocks

One of the largest health care companies in the mid-Atlantic region was seeking a quick and simple solution to a problem that had plagued the company for years - how to more effectively utilize the desktop PCs of more than 150 customer service representatives (CSRs). ...    View full text

July 1999-  Network World

"Taking Web-to-host pointers from the pros"

By Mark Songini

Opening up your SNA or other legacy applications to the Web is a little like losing your baby teeth: It will be a little painful at first, but it's becoming a rite of passage for many enterprise networks...    View full text

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