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Teamstudio Screensurfer Marries Mainframes to the Web… users praise agility of new software integration tool…

BEVERLY, Massachusetts (June 3, 2002) – Teamstudio, the global software tools company, today announced the release of Edition 1 of Teamstudio Screensurfer, a Web-to-host integration tool.

Edition 1 is a major feature release, introducing the newly reengineered Screensurfer, Version 4. Screensurfer integrates old green screen applications with Web applications, allowing organizations to leverage their investments in mainframe and legacy systems.

Edition 1 features significant new enhancements, including Teamstudio Express, an integrated development environment for Surferscript application development. "Teamstudio Express has moved Screensurfer development forward a great deal,” explains Mark Bain, technical director of Flynet Ltd. “The new development environment provides a graphical script editor that makes it far easier to build your code and overall project handling to hold everything together in one neat package. Add to this an interactive debugging facility that is leaps ahead of old-style trace files, and Flynet fully expects to be able to provide solutions even faster than we could do before."

With the addition of Express, Teamstudio Screensurfer V4 adds powerful new functionality for integrating legacy systems with Web applications:
  • Color syntax highlighting and context sensitive help for Surferscript and HTML
  • Source-level interactive debugger, supporting auto and watch variables, breakpoints, and tracing of raw HTML output
  • Mainframe emulator for screen map, AREA and coordinate generation
  • Code generation wizards for screen recognition, multi-row screen maps, transactions and procedures
  • Management of Screensurfer server-side projects
  • Support for remote development via FTP synchronization

“Screensurfer’s low-overhead and straightforward functionality make integrating mainframe data with the Web easy,” notes David Mize, director of systems and application integration for financial services company Synovus. “Screensurfer enables us to offer our customers more online options in real time, allowing them to receive their orders faster.”

For more information on Screensurfer, visit or call (888) 352-8403.

Teamstudio, with headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts, and offices in the UK and Japan, develops and markets software tools that enhance developer productivity and improve application quality. Teamstudio is an IBM Business Partner.


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