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iE's trade-up program enables customers with dated applet-based host emulation schemes to economically move up to the industry's most powerful 3rd generation Web-to-host solution.

Woburn, MA (October 2, 2000) - iE, the leading provider of HTML Web-to-host integration, is instituting a 3-month sales promotion, starting today, to switch customers from applet-based web-to-host to its pure HTML Screensurfer product.

Customers using "applets" (downloadable Java or ActiveX applications) for emulation-based host integration suffer from poor performance, browser and client PC incompatibilities, very weak integration with the browser itself and often, poor screen rejuvenation and re-engineering into new web-friendly applications.

Screensurfer has a 90% conversion ratio with corporate evaluators, who value its high-performance, its browser (and client) independence as well as its fast, productive web-friendly tools for enhancing applications and integrating them with popular web development tools such as Allaire's ColdFusion.

Mr. Bill Thorne, VP Products for Screensurfer, had this to say about this aggressive trade-up program. "HTML and JavaScript are the de facto standards of the Web. Big, slow, functionally crippled applets are history: this program will give people the economic freedom to escape, to create fast, friendly and functionally rich applications built with the best Web technology - anyway they want! Over the next three months we intend to make a lot of people in the Web-to-host community very happy."

Screensurfer provides secure, reliable and efficient Web-to-host access without the use of down-loaded applets. Host access to IBM (or compatible) mainframes and AS/400s is realized via standard Web browsers - without any other host access related software at the client end. Screensurfer is thus a 'zero footprint' thin-client solution that works with any PC, Apple Mac or Unix/Linux workstation.

The Screensurfer trade-up program applies to any Java- or ActiveX-based host emulation product, from companies such as IBM, Attachmate, WRQ, Jacada, Seagull, OpenConnect Software, NetManage, Eicon Technology, Farabi Technology, etc. Customers will receive up to a 50% credit on initial purchases upon proof of purchase. The offer is valid in North America only and expires on December 31st, 2000.

About Screensurfer

Screensurfer, which runs on Windows NT Servers, is a highly secure, scalable, robust and proven Web-to-host solution that works with IBM [or compatible] mainframes and AS/400s. It offers unparalleled integration with all popular Application Servers including Microsoft ASP/MTS, IBM's WebSphere and Allaire's ColdFusion. Screensurfer invariably is the quickest and most economical means for implementing feature-rich Web-to-host solutions.

iE ( is an international leader in complex mainframe integration and e-commerce tools. Since 1989, the company's integration products and advanced technology services have enabled clients, to deploy business-critical customer service applications. Starting in 1996, such systems have also been deployed via the Internet. From locations in Boston, MA, and London, England, the company distributes its products in 20 countries and has sold over 10,000 licenses worldwide. Founded in 1985, iE is a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) as IEN.

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