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New ad in the Allaire Partner Solutions Guide for Screensurfer emphasizes the strong, synergistic and long-standing partnership between iE and Allaire Corporation

Woburn, MA (September 5, 2000) - iE, the leading provider of integrated e-finance applications, has been a strategic, technology partner of Allaire Corporation (Nasdaq: ALLR) since 1998. iE's Web-to-host Screensurfer product is routinely used by Allaire customers to readily integrate host data into new e-business applications. Screensurfer is a synergistic adjunct to Allaire's hugely popular ColdFusion cross-platform Web application server. ColdFusion has a well deserved reputation for being the fastest way to develop and deliver scalable Web applications. iE's technology permits ColdFusion's power to be extended to incorporate IBM mainframe and AS/400 resident applications and data. Yale Security Group, (a subsidiary of the $14B Synovus Financial), and Alabama State Trial Courts, are just a few of the customers who are successfully using Screensurfer and Allaire ColdFusion, in tandem, to achieve highly synergistic results.

A key iE Partner, Mentis International of Denver, Colorado has had great success using Screensurfer and ColdFusion together at AT&T, Direct TV, and EchoStar to implement powerful Web applications without the need to re-write core business transactions.

A new results-focused advertisement in the latest Allaire Partner Solutions Guide highlights Screensurfer's pivotal role in bringing IBM and Allaire environments together. This integration of Screensurfer and Allaire ColdFusion enables Web developers to easily incorporate information from screen-based mainframe and AS/400 applications directly into ColdFusion. To facilitate this integration Screensurfer supports Allaire's 'CFX' custom tags. Consequently, Screensurfer and ColdFusion integration can be easily accomplished by the use of these custom tags within the ColdFusion development and runtime environments.

Mr. Bill Thorne, V.P. of Development for Screensurfer, had this to say about the highly successful and synergistic relationship with Alliare Corporation, "Screensurfer's tight integration with Allaire's ColdFusion is unique. Our two products work together seamlessly to deliver hard-core business transactions that have been running for ages on existing mainframes in new, best-of-breed web applications. We have had nothing but great success with ColdFusion customers - on all fronts, ever since we started our collaboration with Allaire a few years ago. Integration, especially with our unique support of Allaire's custom tags, is always fast, smooth and trouble-free. When Screensurfer is coupled with ColdFusion you never see any legacy 'green screen' host data. Instead, all you see are compelling, contemporary, point-and-click GUI Web pages."

Screensurfer is one of the most versatile, easy-to-use and simple-to-implement Web-to-host solutions on the market. It is NT-based, and provides highly secure, scalable and proven Web-to-mainframe or Web-to-AS/400 access from standard Web browsers. It has the industry's highest success rate for this class of product. 96% of developers who evaluate Screensurfer end up using it for their production applications - very often in conjunction with Allaire ColdFusion. A lot of customers in North America will readily attest that Screensurfer invariably is the quickest and most economical means for implementing feature-rich Web-to-host solutions.

About iE

iE ( is a leading provider of integrated e-finance applications. It specializes in e-business financial systems for banking, credit card processing, investment management and insurance customers. iE is an international leader in complex mainframe integration and e-commerce tools. Since 1989, the company's integration products and advanced technology services have enabled clients, particularly in financial services, to deploy business-critical customer service applications. Starting in 1996 such systems have also been deployed via the Internet. From locations in Boston, MA, and London, England, the company distributes its products in 20 countries and has sold over 10,000 licenses worldwide. Its major customers include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Merrill Lynch, Central Insurance, IVANS, HFC Bank, The Woolwich, and AXA. Founded in 1985, iE is a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) as IEN.

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