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Product Announcement: iE Hosts Webinar Series on "A New Lease for Legacy - Real Life Successes" demystifies Web-to-Host

Interactive Teleconferences with Web-based participation shows how Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Charleston County Court, Central Mutual Insurance Company and IVANS successfully Web-enabled their mainframe and AS/400 applications

Eliminates the Static; Expedite the Process and Liberates w-business

Woburn, MA (June 21, 2000) - iE, the leading provider of integrated Web-to-Host and e-Finance applicatins, will host an series of interactive Webinars, starting on Wednesday, June 21, 2000, that will highlight real-life Web-to-host success stories in order to help other IBM data center customers jump-start their Web-enablement projects. These 1-hour long Webinars will feature the Web-to-host enablement successes of: Blue Cross and Blue Shield; Charleston County Court, S.C; Central Mutual Insurance Company, and IVANS - a technology solutions provider to the insurance and healthcare industries. These free Webinars, which will be presented by senior iE development managers, will explain the Web-to-host architectures used by these enterprises and show how the pertinent technologies can be leveraged by others to expedite their Web projects.

"Customers can slash their Web-to-host implementation schedules by weeks, if not months, by just spending an hour participating in one of these Webinars. Anybody who has mainframes, AS/400's or older UNIX/VAX applications can benefit by participating in this unique Webinar " claims Jim Dolan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for iE. "While there has been a lot of talk about Web-enabling legacy applications, a lot of customers, understandably, have concerns about the security, scalability and resilience of this technology. What these Webinars, which focus on real life case studies, will achieve is that they show what works. iE's Screensurfer is a proven and economical web gateway for these systems.

The Webinar will take the form of a teleconference coupled with interactive Web-based presentations and demos. iE will host these Webinars, teleconferences with interactive Web participation, on a monthly basis. A Webinar is a teleconference with interactive Web participation. Each will start with an on-line, real-life demo involving browser-based host access made possible with iE's powerful and versatile Screensurfer 3270/5250-to-HTML conversion solution. Since space will be limited, registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To register for these free Webinars please contact Inventu Sales at (781) 791-9586 [ext. 706] or sales@inventu.comAll that is required to gainfully participate in this Webinar, from one's desktop, is a .telephone to connect to the teleconference and a working Web browser to access the Web resident portion.

"Focusing on real life Web-to-host success stories, using well know names such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is a great idea since this provides others with tangible examples of what really works," commented Anura Gurugé, a leading independent technical consultant specializing in all aspects of contemporary networking and the author of 'Integrating TCP/IP i*nets with IBM Data Centers.' "Web-to-host has now come of age and iE, with its considerable experience in E-Commerce and host application enhancement, is in an unique position, with this Webinar series, to show IBM customers the way forward when it comes to Web-enablement and E-Business."


About iE

iE ( is a leading provider of integrated web-to-host and e-finance applications. It specializes in e-business financial systems for banking, credit card processing, investment management and insurance customers. iE is an international leader in complex mainframe integration and e-commerce tools. Since 1989, the company's integration products and advanced technology services have enabled clients, particularly in financial services, to deploy business-critical customer service applications. Starting in 1996 such systems have also been deployed via the Internet. From locations in Boston, MA, and London, England, the company distributes its products in 20 countries and has sold over 10,000 licenses worldwide. Its major customers include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Merrill Lynch, Central Insurance, IVANS, HFC Bank, The Woolwich, and AXA. Founded in 1985, iE is a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) as IEN.

For more information, contact Inventu Sales at (888) 352-8403 x706, by fax at (781) 791-9586, email, or visit the company's Web site at

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