3 Step 3270/5250/VT Web Service

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Reliably Publish Legacy Transactions

Three Steps to a web Service

Flynet Viewer is being used by major corporations, system integrators, business process outsourcers and government agencies to implement reliable, lighting-fast web services (including WCF Services) based on legacy screens.

Designed with decades of experience yet using the latest technology, Flynet Viewer has consistently been chosen over the obsolete toolsets of the major emulation vendors...

The Value of Web Services

Need for More Productive I.T. Deliverables

The pressure is on in I.T. departments to deliver higher productivity and improve efficiency. With the latest tools, such as the Microsoft Visual Studio family for .NET, it is becoming easier each year to rapidly construct effective productivity solutions.

The Promise of SOA and Modern Toolsets

Business Process Management (BPM), Portal Deployment and Office Productivity Plug-Ins are just a few examples of new concepts in development that benefit significantly from a Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA. At the heart of SOA is the availability of Web Services that deliver business functionality in a modular fashion.

Portal and SharePoint Development

SharePoint is an excellent example of a web-based publishing system that enables department-level development of simple yet pervasive mini-applications. Frequently centered around lists of tasks, departments are able to address the small workflow and data management jobs that are so difficult to deal with at a large-scale I.T. level.

By providing tested, easily accessed web services to departments where currently users need to use green-screen applications to enter data, a product like Flynet Viewer unleashes the power in areas previously thought too complex.

The Challenges of Legacy Web Services

The Real Challenge of Service Oriented Architectures

The real challenge of SOA is producing the services themselves! Existing legacy applications perform the bulk of the "heavy lifting" in most organizations, and these applications are frequently based on traditional terminal-based applications.

If your organization has these applications, with users accessing them with Terminal Emulators on the desktop, Inventu and Flynet Viewer can help you rapidly encapsulate any workflow as a web service.

Reliable Screen-Scraping: Less Risky than Direct Database or New Transactions

Direct DB access server-side code is considered by some to be the "cleaner" technical answer to delivery of transactions as web services. The major problem with this approach is that it wastes existing effort and introduces risk. Even in environments where clean, relational access is inexpensive and reliable, republishing existing transactions as all-new server-side code requires all new test cycles, potential for broken production databases and potential for maintenance on two streams of code that perform the same function (the anti-reuse design!).

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