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User Connection dataflow

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The following diagram is provided to help the reader understand how user browser pages maintain a connection with a host emulation session. It shows the communications dataflows and decisions involved validating the submitted page to authenticate the user. Each green line represents transfer of control between one of the three nodes involved in a Web Gateway environment.

Validated User Interaction
The following chart describes how each submit from an active user is validated and processed.

Browser Screensurfer Host
Current Screen form submitted
HTTP value "SessionKey" valid?

Return global.invalid page to user
User on correct Screen?
and no path available: Display warning and current screen section
Plug-in HTTP values starting with "F_" and submit the HTTP aid value.
Entry processed, next screen displayed
Recognition rulebase analysis:
Screen recognized?
Execute SurferScript for recognized screen section
Execute SurferScript for global.default

Screen Page from executed template is displayed: All links back to Screensurfer contain SessionKey for authentication
User Connection dataflowThe ScreenSurfer DevCenter