User Connection dataflow Customization IntroductionScreen submission dataflow
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Customization Introduction

User Connection dataflow

Screen submission dataflow

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The following diagram is provided to help the reader understand how user browser sessions connect to Screensurfer. It shows the communications dataflows and decisions involved in connecting a new user to a Screensurfer server. Each green line represents transfer of control between one of the three nodes involved in a Web Gateway environment.

New User Connection

Browser Screensurfer Host
URL /surfer/home requested
Home Page Displayed (global.home template)
Link ../connect/groupname
Available session in group allocated: SessionKey generated
Session started, first screen displayed
WAIT for TECONNECTED recognition or quiet
Recognition rulebase analysis:
Screen recognized?
Execute SurferScript for recognized section
Execute SurferScript for global.default
First Screen Page is displayed: All links back to Screensurfer contain SessionKey for authentication
Customization IntroductionScreen submission dataflow