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Accessed from the Administrator's Console Page, the DevCenter Development page provides a key set of functions to assist in customizing a Screensurfer installation. The DevCenter may also be accessed from the installation folder for Screensurfer, or the Start Button.
The DevCenter Page has a number of frames, each designed to perform a specific function. The user navigates between the available functions using the Menu Frame, which is in the upper left.

Administrative Tasks
From the top menu of the DevCenter, the developer can access a number of useful administrative tasks relating to development:
  • Change Settings: Template specification and Compiler log file
  • Recompile templates
  • View Screen Recognition Rulebase
  • Recompile templates for active tracing
  • View Template execution trace file
  • Clear Trace File

Session Selection
The developer is able to use the Session Selection top level menu to either open a new session or connect on an existing session.
A selected session then displays in the primary frame of the DevCenter just as if it were a browser session accessing the web gateway port. When accessed from the DevCenter, however, Screensurfer "sends" extra information with each displayed screen. This extra information includes full details on the communications characteristics of the screeen (such as how many buffers were received in the construction of the screen) as well as any template section that identified and was used to display the screen.

Generating a new Template
Once a session has been established in the DevCenter, the developer can return to the top-level menu and select from a number of template generation tasks.
Template generation is performed using DevCenter generation scripts, which behave much like standard Windows-based "wizards". The difference is that in the upper left pane of the DevCenter, each step in the generation of a template is listed, and the active step (such as naming a section) is identified.
Two standard generation scripts are provided with the current build of Screensurfer: a simple screen "skim coater" and a field-by-field generator. To learn more about each, load the DevCenter, select or start a new session and then select one of the template generation scripts; each has an associated set of help text that is displayed with each step.
Screen submission dataflowCustomization FAQ