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Screensurfer is administered using the Administrator's console pages, which are accessed using a standard web browser.
When Screensurfer is installed, the installation program provides two HTTP port settings, one for the web gateway (terminal emulation) and another for the administration console port. The install program then creates entries for the "Start" button as well as a folder on the desktop providing access to the Administration Console pages. The title of the icon to access the console is Screensurfer Console.
The Screensurfer service must be started before the Console can be accessed.

Configuring Screensurfer
To configure connections and other settings in Screensurfer, from the Console home page, the Settings button is clicked, and this will present the user with the settings page.

Console and DevCenter Security
Following installation, access to the console is unsecured by any form of security. During this time, any access to the console for the first time following startup of the Screensurfer service will issue a warning message to the NT Event Log warning that the console is unsecured.

Securing the Console and DevCenter
One of the settings accessed from the Settings button is for Console Security, where you are able to add users to the console user database, or to set hard-coded IP addresses that are then the only addresses authorized to access the console.
Any developer wishing to utilize the facilities of the Screensurfer DevCenter must be registered as a Console user.
When a user is added along with a password, standard web server security is used to restrict access to the console and to the programmers DevCenter. This will present the user at the browser with the standard userid and password dialog.
Gateway Customization ColdFusion and ASP Co-Servers