Enterprise customers have two business-critical needs. They need a fast, reliable and economical way to access the data trapped in their back-end applications and data stores, and they require integrated management dashboards to help them quickly assimilate complex data in real-time.

Sometimes organisations would like to use data that users can see on their screens, rather than searching the underlying database itself.

The reasons for doing this may include:

  • Lack of accessibility to the database.
  • The data within the database is difficult to locate and identify.
  • The screen application has business logic that is independent of the database.
  • Replicating business logic within the database would be financially prohibitive.

Inventu Viewer+'s Web Service Generator is used to lift live information from screen based host system applications and present the data in a web service for consumption by our recommended dashboard software Crystal Xcelsius.

Without the need to write any code, the user can connect to UNIX, IBM mainframe and midrange applications, bringing live data from their hosts into dynamic dashboards.

Implementation times are minimal. Inventu Viewer+'s rapid graphical application development environment ensures the speedy creation of digital dashboards and removes the need for complex coding. It enables both IT developers and power users to utilise the technology.