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Make Inventu your Development Partner

If you have the need for a set of Web Services that front-end your existing Screen-based greenscreen applications, but have no interest (or available developers) to create them yourself, let us do it for you! 

With the speed and productivity of the Inventu Designer Studio and its Web Service Generator, most projects will be of a relatively short duration. For example, a set of web services including a mix of simple and complex queries and data entry / update operations numbering less than ten would probably require a calendar month to deliver (depending on availablity--get your requests in quickly:).

For larger projects, we may employ the use of one of our development partners, which includes a lower-cost offshore option to keep your costs down.

Full Web User Interface Projects

As a development partner with Flynet, Inventu is an early adopter and beta tester of the ASP.NET Application generator for Flynet Studio.

The output of the ASP.NET generator is one or more customized pages delivered within a web framework that seamlessly integrates terminal emulation for any screen not covered by the project.

We have already performed a number of No-Obligation POC projects with the ASP.NET UI generator, and would be happy to scope a project for full delivery at your location.

How to Get Started

Please call or email our sales staff if you are interested in a turn-key web service implementation, at 888-352-8403 (press 1 for sales) or

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