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Support for 3270, 5250, VT100/220/320, ViewPoint and Wyse
Configurable colors and fonts
Full keyboard support
Web browser, thin client access  
Macros and Developer Extensions
Shared user licenses  
Centralized session management  

Support for 3270, 5250 and VT Emulations Inventu Viewer+ includes solid Telnet-based (Internet) support for the popular terminal procotols. IBM Mainframe (3270), IBM iSeries/AS400 (5250), DEC/VAX or UNIX (VT100, VT220 or VT320) as well as ViewPoint and Wyse. Inventu Viewer+ is the only browser-based HTML emulator with support for these protocols due to our pioneering use of AJAX and WebSocket techniques along with a proprietary HTTP sync datastream.
Configurable colors and fonts A Inventu Viewer+ server can be configured to support any number of color styles (a number of style sheets are provided and customers can modify these or create new ones). In addition, the use of a selection of non-standard fonts is made possible by font embedding technology.

If you would prefer to standardize all of your users on the same colors and fonts, this is easily "locked down" at the Inventu Viewer+ server.

Full keyboard support The full PC keyboard may be used to emulate host keys. In addition, you can quickly and easily customize the keyboard control for your entire user base or for one user. Also, keyboard buffering or 'type ahead' functionality is supported. Users can type input before screens are visible, as they are often used to doing with terminal-based applications.
Web browser, thin client access Access your mainframe, AS400 and Unix applications via any popular browser, on any device. The Inventu Viewer+ terminal emulation uses pure HTML and Javascript, with no plug-ins or Java applets required.

Inventu Viewer+ is hosted on the full function Microsoft IIS platform, enabled with full .NET extensions and integration. This provides the ability to integrate with any security and authentication system.

.NET "web developer ready" Developers can integrate with host screens on an event-driven basis both at the ASP.NET server side (any .NET language) as well as at the client side (Javascript or VBScript). With the Inventu Viewer+, web services can be "auto-generated" by simply recording a host workflow and then using our Studio tool to generate a fully functioning web service without even creating a Visual Studio project (using MSBuild functionality in .NET). Since all the .NET code is created for you, create a project in Visual Studio and enhance the generated web service per your needs. All web services are generated via code generation templates (that can be enhanced or created via your free copy of Codesmith).

ASP.NET UI code generation capabilities are also available. This allows you to run your host screens through Inventu Viewer+ and automatically create a full functioning, ASP.NET application that "looks and feels" like your existing host application. This ASP.NET application allows you to enhance the functionality of your host application - all in .NET. Enhance or add ASP.NET pages accessing data from a SQL server instead of the host and, if you desire, start to minimize your dependency on your host applications all while you are building a more robust .NET application.

Shared user licenses While traditional emulators licenses are "per client", Inventu Viewer+'s licensing is "per concurrent session". If you have a staff of 100 potential users and at any peak time, only 50 users are accessing the host application, then only purchase a 50 "concurrent user license" of Inventu Viewer+. Your needs expand and now you have 75 concurrent users accessing the host - no problem. Contact us to purchase an additional 25 concurrent user licenses and we will send you a new 75 concurrent user key that you can update very quickly on your Inventu Viewer+ server.
Centralized session management Provided with the Inventu Viewer+ Service is a set of administration applications that may be separately installed on any machine from which access to the live Inventu Viewer+ Emulation Service is desired (such as an administrator's desktop). These applications then access the service through a configurable HTTP port to enable remote administration. The Administration Applications include the following functions:
  • View active or available sessions and status
  • Start/Stop a session
  • View a live session in a special administrator's emulation window -- enables both debugging as well as help desk capabilities
  • Configure the service using tree-view property sheets
  • Start/Stop/Clear Application Tracing
  • View Application trace file which optionally includes buffers, screens, API calls and internals

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