Cox Communications and Flynet Viewer

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Flynet Viewer Transforms Telecoms' Customer Billing System

Cox Communications enhance iSeries Billing System

Cox Communications is the third largest Multiple Service Operator (MSO) in the U.S. offering its customers high speed internet and telephone products in twenty states. In December 2004, they purchased Flynet Viewer from reseller, Inventu, to facilitate practical improvements to their customer billing system using the latest .NET technology.

At present, their iSeries application has a graphical user interface.This interface was created using Seagull software three years ago and is in need of additional validation logic. The Cox branch in Nebraska decided that it was essential to tackle issues with the application to improve staff productivity and earmarked it for improvements.

Their .NET development team needed a solution which provided the flexibility and developer tools to manage the integration of the old system with new .NET functionality. Flynet Viewer enabled them to add functionality to the system without disrupting its use or modifying the existing application. "Flynet Viewer provides a framework that we can use to add custom, data entry validation logic to our legacy application and to create a user interface that reduces keystrokes,"  commented Curtis Kelly, Cox Omaha, Vice President Information Technology.

One .NET developer was able to implement several "utilities" for the application to automate error-prone and time-consuming tasks. These included:

  • Managing disconnected cable service
  • Managing voicemail password changes
  • Auto-populating service comments on new orders

These new "utilities" have been so successful that other branches of Cox Communications have shown an interest in adopting the tools. These include branches in Oklahoma, Wichita, Las Vegas and Orange County, CA.

Curtis Kelly added, "We are very pleased with Flynet Viewer and the services provided by Inventu. A short training session was enough to get our .NET developer going and we are now looking at other ways to use the product to our advantage."

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