Visual Studio Host Integration

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The Inventu Viewer+ WebAPI/OpenAPI / ASP.NET Web Service generator and ASP.NET UI Modernizer for Visual Studio provide a revolutionary ability for .NET development teams to generate access classes to IBM Mainframe (3270 terminal emulation), AS400/iSeries (5250 emulation), UNIX and VAX/VMS (VT220) applications.
  • Our Toolset captures, models and generates screen access classes so that you don't have to...just consume them in your Visual Studio projects
  • Creates Legacy Line of Business Data Entry and Update transactions so difficult to implement with direct database access techniques
  • Fills-in the Host Integration Server (HIS) Gaps. With Inventu Viewer+ you get:
    • The Industry's leading on-the-fly web-based terminal emulator
    • Screen workflow recording, field mapping, navigation analysis and generation
    • Generation of full classes, not just a raw API (Session Integrator)
    • WebAPI/OpenAPI MicroServices with Comprehensive SWAGGER Generation for integration with ANY Web Framework.
    • WCF Web Service generator for immediate consumption by BizTalk Server or other WCF Clients
    • Mature and proven production implementations backed by multi-level session logging and debug support
  • Microsoft .NET Teams can now compete with the IBM team down the hall, as Inventu Viewer+ blows-away the crude and non-productive Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) available for Websphere developers
  • Minimal Propietary content: generator creates 100% .NET Visual Studio Solution
  • Your .NET code is insulated from any future changes to the host screens. The Inventu Viewer+ screen recording, modeling and screen I/O assembly generator guarantee it.
  • With the included and fully licensed CodeSmith Technology, new templates can be created to create any type of web service or perhaps a popular UI Framework set of client UI Web Pages.

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