Screensurfer V5.0 General Availability

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Announcing Inventu Screensurfer V5.0

Screensurfer V5.0 provides Screensurfer developers with the ability to extend the functionality of their Screensurfer applications using .NET extensions. In addition, the DevCenter and Visual Surfer capabilities from V3 have been "brought back" to run alongside the Express IDE that supplanted the Devcenter with V4.

.NET Integration

The Screensurfer Surferscript language provides tight integration with the screen-based applications it is designed to extend to the web. A small, simple language with a set of functions focused on text and screen manipulation, it frequently lacks the power of more advanced runtime environments.

The Screensurfer .NET interface capability now provides this power.

With the .NET interface, it is easy to create callable methods in any number of classes that can provide functionality such as:

  • Validating credit cards with a Web Service
  • Applying business rules written in any .NET-supported language
  • Complex data manipulation not possible in the STML Surferscript language
Within the called .NET code, a provided object enables the .NET developer to access the active host screen and read or write data to the screen. In addition, HTML can be "poked back" to the browser using a Response.Write() method.

Provided with the product installation is a small help file describing how to implement an interface in both c# and VB.NET, as well as a sample c# project.

DevCenter and Express IDE for Development

The DevCenter development environment in Screensurfer V2.0 and Screensurfer V3.0 provided a variety of application generator capabilities as well as the ability to create custom wizards that could be plugged-in to this browser-based tool. The DevCenter was removed in Screensurfer V4.0 by the interim owner of Screensurfer.

The return of the DevCenter features enables many customers, that are still on ScreenSurfer V2.0 and V3.0, to more easily transition to V5.0 and utilize the new features incorporated into Screensurfer through V4.0 and now V5.0.

A new feature in the DevCenter provides an administration wizard that generates an IDE project for access using the Express IDE, so that the DevCenter code generation wizards can be used to jump-start a new screen or project, and further editing can be accomplished with the Express IDE.

General Availability

The product is now generally available.  Downloads from the product support site will automatically be V5.0. As in the past, the prior major versions as well as patch builds will still be available as separate downloads. For more information, please email or contact your Account Manager at 888-352-8403 (Press 1 for Sales).

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager at 888-352-8403.

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