Encapsulate 3270, 5250 and VT100/VT220 Work with Industry Standard .NET Web Services

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Automate the work of 3270 and 5250 IBM and VT220 Unix screen-based Users with easy to use, industry standard .NET Web Services

Bring greenscreen work into your Service Oriented Architecture's catalog of Web Services with the revolutionary Inventu Viewer+ Host Integration solution for .NET.

Rapidly define, generate, test and deploy web services to leverage greenscreen data and functionality

  • Generate a web service for any host screen-based work flow including inquiry, data entry and update operations.
  • With OpenAPI MicroServices, Open-up Automation with any available client language or environment, not just SOAP Web Services.
  • Integrate into New .NET Applications, Including SharePoint work flows, BizTalk mediated or any custom application 
  • Automate Data Entry, rapidly enter transactions currently performed manually with integrated support for exceptions and manual override logic

Inventu Workflow Automation for .NET provides:

  • New levels of automation and developer support, from the recording of existing human-mediated work, through deployment of production ready applications.
  • State of the art, industry standard .NET web services that automate traditionally manual, time-intensive and tedious work.
  • Ability to tackle modernization and improvement projects that were once considered too time-consuming, difficult or expensive to undertake.
  • Levels of testing, visualization, automation and code generation not available in previous generations of web services and screen based development tools.
  • Enhanced support for Team Development and Business Analyst Productivity. Specific tools and features support different team members involved in your automation project.

Integrates the Inventu Viewer+ FVTerm Fast View Web Terminal Emulator to Handle Exceptions and Manual Overrides 

  • Integrating our AJAX DHTML and ASP.NET Web Part technology or Integrated .NET Winform Emulator class to provide the industry's first automation-integrated exception / "Kick-out" transaction manual intervention capability 
  • Including keyboard compatibility with fat-client terminal emulators with full keyboard supported along with type-ahead buffering

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