Screensurfer Technical Specifications

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Screensurfer Technical Specifications

Screensurfer Highlights
Out-of-the-box dynamic screen-to-HTML conversion of your host screens
  • Thin client: no downloads to the client
  • Available ActiveX control/Netscape plugin to manage host keyboard functionality from the browser
  • Create customized Web look and feel of your host screens
  • Combine multiple host screens into one Web page
  • Hide all or a portion of host screen information from your end users

Integrate host information and functionality into your new or existing Web applications using various Web technologies such as:
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) (via COM object)
  • Macromedia ColdFusion (via a custom tag), PHP, Java, Java Server Pages (JSP), etc. via XML-over-HTTP calls (XML client needed)

  • TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, TNVT (via standard NT sockets or Microsoft SNA/Host Integration Server

SSL Support
  • IIS Web servers
  • Route individual Screensurfer host transactions or all host transaction through SSL

Recommended Minimum System Requirements
Development Environment Requirements
  • Screensurfer Express integrated development environment (IDE)
  • A local copy of Screensurfer
  • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation/Windows 2000 Professional*
  • CPU: 133MHz Pentium
  • Memory: 64MB (min)*
  • Hard Drive: 650MB free space**
  • Drive: CD-ROM or DVD
  • Display: VGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Peripherals: Mouse and keyboard
  • Browser: (See "Supported Browsers")

Screensurfer Server Requirements
Windows 2000-2012 Server *
  • CPU: 133MHz Pentium
  • Memory: 256MB (recommended); 128MB (minimum)**
  • Hard Drive: 1.0GB free space***
  • Drive: CD-ROM or DVD
  • Display: VGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Peripherals: Mouse and keyboard

*With the current operating system service pack/service release installed

**Add an additional 32MB of memory for an "out of the box" Screensurfer application. Additional memory requirements are dependent on the complexity of the developed Screensurfer application (i.e. per session overhead which includes code and session variables).

***10MB free space for Screensurfer Express and 10MB for Screensurfer and any additional free space needed for your Screensurfer application (typically under 1MB). Optional ColdFusion tag (CFX tag), Active Server Page (ASP) COM object, and the Screensurfer SSL filter (SurfProx) each requires approximately 300KB of additional free space

Host Session Administration
Screensurfer’s Administrator’s Console runs on a standard Web browser (see “Supported Browsers”). The interface lets you:
  • Start and stop sessions
  • View session status and details
  • View programming information for a selected session’s currently displayed application screen
  • View or change Screensurfer settings
  • Manage development components
  • Compile Screensurfer scripts and view compiler output
  • Enable full debug tracing
  • Display compiler errors and contextual details along with a link to supporting error documentation

Screensurfer Express Highlights
Screensurfer Express is a Windows-based IDE for your Screensurfer development. Features include:
  • Interactive debugger
  • Familiar IDE look and feel
  • Create and edit your Screensurfer template files
  • Tag-based help and tag completion
  • HTML tag help
  • Language focus
  • Compile templates
  • Integrated Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
  • View and delete application test trace files
  • Interactive green screen emulator
  • VT100 support

Screensurfer Server Scalability
We recommend no more than 500 concurrent user sessions per Screensurfer server.

Note: 300 TN3270/TN3270E sessions when fully active require approximately 20 MB of system memory.

Terminals Emulated
Screensurfer supports the following terminal types, thus replacing the need for many traditional terminal emulators.
  • 3270: provides access to IBM mainframe applications (IBM 3278-2, IBM 3278-3, IBM3278-4, and IBM 3278-5)
  • 5250: provides access to IBM AS400 applications (IBM 5251-11, IBM 5292-2, IBM 3180-2 and IBM 3477-FG)
  • VT100: provides VT100 emulation in transactional mode

Supported Browsers
In general, Screensurfer is browser-independent. However, Screensurfer supports each browser based on the browser’s level of support for HTML tags. Web browser’s specifically supported include:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Release 4.0 or higher
  • Netscape Navigator, Release 4.0 or higher

Host Connection Protocols
AS/400 systems that do not have TCP/IP installed (and do not have TN5250 support) can use a Microsoft SNA/host integration server to provide the connection to the AS/400.

The TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, and TNVT TelNet protocols use standard NT sockets to connect to hosts. You must have the IP address or host name of any target hosts in order to use this protocol.

Load Balancing
Works with off-the-shelf hardware/software load balancers.

Host Applications Highlights
Screensurfer provides basic host application features such as:
  • Selectable features (light pen support)
  • Configurable screen sizes (for example, 43 x 80 or 24 X 132)
  • Support for time-based events (for example, timed-logons)
  • Keyboard function key support
  • Column Alignment
  • Auto-Skipping between fields
  • Auto-Selecting of input fields

For technical specifications specific to your environment, please call us (in North America) (888) 352-8403.

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