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What Customers Are Saying About Screensurfer

"Without picking up a phone, agents and policyholders can log on to our Web site to get the billing information they need regarding their policies. And our billing department now has more time to work on complex billing problems instead of answering basic questions. Screensurfer has created an environment that is better for our agents, our policyholders and ourselves."
Scott Drews, Technology Manager
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

"We are extremely pleased with the functionality that Screensurfer offers. The Web and the mainframe world don’t merge very well, but this system does a good job of integrating the two. Screensurfer is stable and reliable, and offers an attractive, user-friendly front end."
Caren Smith, Development Team Leader
Harvard University Library

"Screensurfer’s Express development environment provides a graphical script editor that makes it easy to build your code and overall project handling while holding everything together in one neat package. In addition, its interactive debugging facility is leaps ahead of old-style trace files, making Screensurfer a fast solution!"
Mark Bain, Technical Director
Flynet, Ltd.

"My team was given a project that involved pulling data from a mainframe application to an existing ColdFusion Web site, and we had one month to do so. We immediately began searching for a viable solution and found Screensurfer to be the quickest, most efficient answer.

"Screensurfer’s low overhead and straightforward functionality, combined with excellent customer support, made it easy to complete our task. We not only made the deadline, we finished ahead of time, saving lots of last-minute headaches!"
Will Chitwood, Systems Integration Consultant

"By using Screensurfer to deliver information to the Web, we were able to provide users with buttons, instructions, code lists and other features that enabled us to easily deliver information to a much larger audience in a user-friendly way. Our mission is to provide access to information, and Screensurfer is a key component of our success."
Mary Crowe, Web Project Leader
County of Charleston, South Carolina

"Screensurfer offered the quickest possible turnaround we could get, at half the price of its competitors. Further, it has made integrating our mainframe data with the Web easy. We have been very impressed with Screensurfer’s capabilities and are happy we now can offer our customers more online options because of the tool."
David Mize, Director of System and Application Integration
Synovus Synovus

"We’ve been very happy with Screensurfer’s performance. During its first three months of use, our Screensurfer-powered, online ticketing system successfully processed over $100,000 in ticket purchases, and now handles about 10% of the theater's single-ticket revenue! Screensurfer is so reliable, we never have to worry about it."
Lou Ambrose, Director of Information Systems
The Guthrie Theater

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