Inventu and Screensurfer History

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2014   Screensurfer Still Going Strong

Screensurfer customers continue to take advantage of Screensurfer's exceptional performance on even older servers. As business grows so too do the Screensurfer configurations, with one large customer doubling the number of sessions in production.

Inventu continues also to fully support customers using Screensurfer Versions 3, 4.5 and 5 including new builds to support the newest versions of Internet Explorer, including IE11.

2005   Screensurfer V5 is Delivered

While Flynet Viewer has captured the imagination of our customers that are heavily into .NET development, Screensurfer continues to demonstrate its value for new and old customers alike.

With Version 5 of Screensurfer, .NET methods can be added, and accessed from the Surferscript language as added functions. In addition, all registry, installation programs and other displayed information now says "Inventu" not "Teamstudio".

2004   Inventu Corporation has its best year ever! The best year of the century in fact...

Building on a strong support base for our existing customers, we continue to accept orders for upgrades to existing systems as their success drives volume. In addition to our strong support and services results we added a number of new customers evenly balanced between Screensurfer and Viewer.

2003   Inventu Corporation is formed by the original Screensurfer development team as a new software and services company with a dual product line of the newly acquired Screensurfer and Flynet Viewer.

Earlier in 2003, the Teamstudio Screensurfer sales and service group is downsized as Teamstudio places increasing focus on its Lotus Notes and Java developer's productivity tools.

Teamstudio Version 4.5 is released in January with new localization support, DBCS (double-byte character support), Japanese documentation and, new to the Teamstudio version (but previously supported in iE Screensurfer), VT100/VT220 protocol support.

2002   Teamstudio releases Teamstudio Screensurfer Version 4 (also known as Edition 1) which significantly upgrades the product documentation as well as adding a full Integrated Development Environment including an editor and step-trace debugger (Express).

At the same time, a significant amount of functionality was dropped from the product as the DevCenter and Visual Surfer DHTML-based developer tools from Version 3 were no longer included.

2001   Screensurfer is purchased by Teamstudio (the company previously known as Ives Development) and is integrated into the Teamstudio sales and support organization.

Earlier in 2001, iE makes Screensurfer Version 3 generally available and it gains rapid acceptance for its continued high performance and new productivity accelerators.

2000   Screensurfer release V3 is released in Beta in November, providing increased functionality along with a new suite of visual tools to provide accelerated application generation.
1999   Screensurfer renamed to "iE Screensurfer." iE Screensurfer and iE's other product, iE Integrator account for more than 50% of iE's revenues in H1 1999 ($3.1m). Selected by IBM as one of 300 companies for the ISV Investment Initiative.
1998   Screensurfer launched successfully for rapid conversion of 3270 screens to a web interface in May.

Company achieves 50% growth for the first time, fueled by significant demand for its Internet software. Develops successful "Migration factory" for client/server conversion to Windows NT. Launches Amazon Integrator in November as "application server" for "universal connectivity".

1997   Screensurfer development is started by Bill Thorne as a "spin-off" from the Amazon 3270 Emulation Server. iE is Awarded site license contract by Thomson Holidays to offer web-based reservations to travel agents, utilizing the Amazon 3270 Emulation Server. Receives award for "Best Intranet Technology" from EMAP Networking Industries. Creates award-winning online insurance brokerage for Woolwich. Develops partnership with BT for "legacy integration" services. Achieve $6m in revenues.
1996   After 11 years in business, iE (formerly Intelligent Environments) becomes public on London's Alternative Investment Market, valued at $30m. Amazon is launched, offering "legacy to web" application development. Amazon voted as "best emerging technology" by AIM. Many early Amazon customers utilize screen-based applications as data and business rule source. Large emulator companies unable to provide high-performance functional emulation servers: Amazon 3270 Server (codename "Hyena") development is started.

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