The Screensurfer Express Integrated Development Environment

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Integrated Development Environment for Screensurfer Applications

Screensurfer Express is an integrated development environment that allows you to write, edit and debug your Screensurfer and HTML applications, speeding their deployment while increasing productivity and code quality.

Microsoft Windows User Interface
Screensurfer Express’ flexible user interface allows you to organize your work into meaningful projects and folders for easy access. Multiple panes display in the Screensurfer Express window, allowing you to edit your code while providing extensive debug capabilities. You can view vital information at a glance, thus improving your efficiency as you write your code.

Editing With Ease
Screensurfer Express’ full-feature editor offers valuable editing capabilities for your HTML and Surferscript code. With it, you can:
  • Perform syntax color highlighting for HTML, Surferscript, and JavaScript (configurable by extension)
  • Display expanded help for HTML and Surferscript by clicking on the tag and pressing PF1
  • Tag completion for HTML and Surferscript tags and variables
  • Group all interrelated files together via hierarchical views in the Project Workspace, which allows you to better manage your development projects and improve your efficiency
  • View your green screen as a fully interactive terminal emulator (in Emulator mode) and navigate through and identify the screens you need to capture

Screensurfer Express' full-feature editor and interactive debugger allow you to write, edit and debug your Surferscript and HTML applications.

Debugging Applications For Improved Accuracy
Screensurfer Express features an interactive debugger to allow you to step through your script line by line and monitor the values of any variable or expression. Debugging your Screensurfer application with Screensurfer Express allows you to:
  • Configure a browser for use during debugging with multiple browsers--either an internal Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (if installed on your PC), the Microsoft Windows default browser, or any external command line of your choice
  • Set breakpoints in a file other than the one currently being debugged (for example, a file that contains a procedure will be called)
  • Launch debug scripts under debugger control and step through your code line by line and perform step-over, step-into and run-to-cursor actions.
  • Capture script output and errors from the debugger and display them in the Screensurfer Express user interface
  • View and modify the value of any variable while you are stepping through a program, and view and modify local, global and object variables
  • Launch a browser to a specific URL and debug any script running on the remote Screensurfer server.
  • Compile in trace mode, allowing you to see an audit trail while your applications are running

Conceptually Group Projects and Files
Screensurfer Express’ Workspace allows you to better manage your development projects through hierarchical views of your project. Defining your projects and folders allows you to organize your code modules in a meaningful way. The Surferscript tab is great for viewing development objects per project for quick access and editing.

System Requirements
For complete details on system requirements, please visit our Technical Specifications page.

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