Inventu Purpose

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Why are we in business?

We at Inventu Corporation have been rewarded time and again by using our tools and services to implement radical upgrades in our customer's work environments. Currently we are focused on the exploitation and integration of screen-based, host applications to drive new business initiatives. No other type of development project can so quickly and reliably support business initiatives than one based on live, working systems.

These projects have taught us the deep satisfaction that can be achieved by selling and servicing software that improves the work environment of others so quickly and visibly.

Screen-scraping technology over the years has had its critics. In many situations where companies have their mission critical data maintained via screen-based, host applications, screen-scraping technology has been tried, true, and tested over the years to provide quick, efficient, and effective solutions to host integration projects.

Certainly, there are times when it is wrong to bolt a large, new system on top of a mature, screen-based application, but there are other times when it is right to implement a new, key business process built on a rock-solid, reliable set of transactions.

So we get to also help in the never-ending battle of right versus wrong.

How could we stop?

What you can count on us for?

When reviewing the websites of our competitors, you can peruse countless pages on how great their products are, product specification sheets, case studies, etc. This is all well and good, but do they ever detail what you can count on them for?

As you know, there are many companies that sell various types of software, but what differentiates one company from the next? It could be technology, price, product positioning, etc., but we at Inventu Corporation say something different.

We at Inventu Corporation say that the key differentiator is knowing what you can count on from the company. With that, what you can count on from Inventu Corporation is the following:

  • 100% commitment to the customer
  • Timely, effective, and unparalleled product support
  • Technically sound and innovative products
  • Service staff that not only delivers, but is willing and able to mentor and educate the client
  • Staff that is willing and able to share its product offerings with people that have diverse technical backgrounds

No one else is better suited and better qualified than Inventu Corporation to provide success and happiness to present and future customers.

This is what is promised and this is what will be delivered!

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