Access Mainframe Screens Inside Your Portal or IntraNet

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Access your mainframe, AS400 or ASCII Host screens in your own web Portal or internal web applications. With Inventu Viewer+, you can close the host access gap in your Web Applications. Inventu Viewer+ lets you integrate your mainframe screen-based applications via our industry-leading thin-client terminal emulator.
  • Fully leverage the investment made in custom or third-party portals by integrating screen-based mainframe, AS400, Linux/Unix/MultiValue Applications.
  • Utilize Inventu Viewer's powerful client Javascript API to integrate with your applications to synchronize information in your web application and host screens .
  • Use a customized portlet to allow access to your terminal-based applications via our "on-the-fly" Pure Web Terminal emulator, FVTerm.
  • Ask Inventu Support to help with any pre-existing scripting you may have used with a Java or ActiveX terminal emulator--we can craft interpreters or converters to move your logic to our platform.
  • Click here to learn more about how Inventu Viewer+ can help you give users host access from their browser

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