Flexible Migration of Mainframe Screen Applications to .NET

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Now you can move users away from green screen UIs to .NET at whatever pace and scale makes sense for your organization. Change a few important screens or attack them all, your choice. Inventu Viewer+ eliminates the need for big "all-or-nothing" migration projects.
  • Flexible development options: Achieve a green screen UI migration without having to commit to an all-or-nothing migration project
  • User Interfaces are an important element in any migration effort with Inventu Viewer+'s Studio Migration toolset, you can complement other vendor's language refactoring and migration tools
  • Get the new User Interface running quickly while the heavy lifting of database and code migration efforts slowly progress, your new .NET user interfaces can be rolled-out, waiting for the backend code to be migrated
  • Eliminate hard-to-use green screen applications as quickly or as gradually as you desire
  • Your .NET code is insulated from any future changes to the host screens. The Inventu Viewer+ screen recording, modeling and screen I/O assembly generator guarantees it.
  • A 100% .NET Visual Studio Solution
  • A long-term solution; Full integration with Microsoft tools means no wasted development time and no dead-end tools

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