Do you have an image problem with your screen based application? Do you find it hard to sell your screen based system, or do you have training headaches? With Inventu Viewer+ you can easily redesign your green screen application and present a fantastic new web front end.

Many green screen applications are functionally superior to their commercially available GUI competitors. However, they suffer from a bad image. They appear old fashioned and difficult to use. This can cause pain to anyone who is either trying to ensure users are happy or someone who is trying to sell the application.

Others are genuinely faced with a green screen app with an interface or workflow that would make you scream. There are many fields you wish to default, you wish to hide or entire screens that don't make sense or need to come in a different order.

Then there are those who are generally happy with their IBM mainframe or iSeries, UNIX or VMS application. There are just a few annoying quirks on some of the screens. It would be extremely useful to replace an entry field with a drop-down, a tick box, a calendar control or hide the field completely.

Inventu Viewer+'s Web User Interface Generator can accommodate all these different requirements. They can all be achieved within Inventu Designer Studio, a drag-and-drop designer, without writing a line of code or changing your host system.

You can restructure the workflow around your application by creating "Tasks" that users need to carry out, i.e. "Add new Job", "Review Job", "Update Job". This restructuring can completely hide the fact that the green screens are there. It can take an application that was difficult to use and present it as a user-centric web application.

If this restructuring is not needed, you can pick off individual screens or sections of your application and redesign those. The remainder of your application can be hidden or made available inside the new web application as green screens in a browser.

Inventu Viewer+ gives you the flexibility to easily modernise your green screen application without needing to learn a complex programming model. Inventu Designer Studio lets you do all of this with drag-and-drop.