Inventu Viewer+ eMigration UI Generator Benefits

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Inventu Viewer+ ASP.NET UI Modernizer Benefits

The new ASP.NET UI Modernizer for Visual Studio provides a revolutionary ability for .NET development teams to republish mainframe and AS400/iSeries applications as full function web user interfaces.

  • Host access compatible with SharePoint and other Portals including Web Part Integration
  • Optional integrated on-the-fly terminal emulation means you don't have to convert all of your screens
  • Get rid of your old-look screens without the high risk of a complete conversion
  • Provide host access to new users with controlled access and security
  • Reduce training requirements through enhanced ease-of-use
  • Enhance productivity with improved workflows
  • Build on existing user interfaces-no major redesign needed
  • Minimal Propietary content: generator creates 100% .NET Visual Studio Solution

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