Many people have the majority or part of their business IT running on an IBM mainframe or iSeries, UNIX or VMS host. However, other areas of operations sit outside the green screen applications.

Ordering, warehouse and stock control runs on the host system, but the customer delivery mechanism sits on an external Windows, UNIX, Java application or database.

With Inventu Designer Studio you can graphically design objects that can help expose, transfer or synchronise databases between systems.

Inventu Viewer+ can generate these base objects without you having to write any code. Using Inventu Designer Studio to design Tasks graphically, you can create a whole raft of objects to your exact specification. These generated .NET objects are designed so that anyone who uses them does not have to worry about the underlying green screens.

It is worth noting that these objects can be deployed as XML Web Services.

The Inventu Flex Framework in Inventu Viewer+ gives you the power to create sophisticated objects that can be used to easily integrate your green screens with 3rd party applications and servers.