Targeting Microsoft technology developers and integrating with Visual Studio .NET, Flynet Viewer provides "everything you need and nothing you don't want" in a screen integration product. By leveraging the logic, development tools and languages that are supported for .NET development, Viewer provides the missing link to screen integration without requiring developers to learn a proprietary language or 4GL.

With the release of Version 4 and the new Flynet Viewer Studio, Flynet offers .NET developers the ability to generate fully functioning host integration Web Services.  Full workflows can be captured and republished as a modular ASP.NET application.

  • Recycle and rejuvenate host screens for presentation in new applications and on new platforms or devices - .NET, Web Services, Pocket PCs, other hand-held devices, touch screens. or just simple HTML for enhanced browser access
  • Provide secure access to host terminal-based applications through popular portals such as Sharepoint using the built-in ASP.NET terminal emulator
  • Rapidly create powerful web services that are built on existing mission-critical transactions that are already tested and in production within your organization
  • Increase user productivity with enhanced screens and GUIs, speeding up data entry and reducing errors
  • Incorporate strategic changes such as workflow automation, without any risk of affecting the underlying application
  • Flynet Viewer supports VT, 3270 and 5250 screen-based applications with no host intervention
  • No application re-configuration or re-programming is required

Flynet Viewer can be used in a wide variety of applications, enabling developers to complete host integration and enhancement projects within tight timescales.

For the UK version, please Visit the Flynet Viewer Web site.

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