Enable BizTalk Green Screen Access

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Many users report that it can be very difficult to integrate terminal-style host applications into Biztalk solutions. With Inventu Viewer+, you can close this gap accelerate BizTalk development. Inventu Viewer+ let's you integrate green screen-based applications via web services, including WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) services. And you can leverage .NET Visual Studio skills without wasted development time or dead-end tools.
  • Fully leverage mainframe, AS400 and Unix-based data and functionality via Inventu Viewer+ Screen Integration Web Services
  • Automate Manual Processes--front-end manual data entry with Flynet Web Services and let the majority of data entry be automated.
  • Utilize Inventu's screen recording modeling tool to quickly record the desired host-based workflow to create a web service for and the wizard-based screen mapping tool to quickly and easily assist in the creation of a web service thus integrating with BizTalk in hours versus days
  • Generate and publish standard .NET-based web/WCF services using the strategic Microsoft C# language, with all web service definitions based on standard techniques.

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