5250 to HTML - Inventu Viewer+ Is The Leading 5250 to HTML Server

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5250 to HTML - A protocol conversion activity that translates an IBM i/AS400 5250 datastream into an HTML page. The best products also provide keyboard and font compatibility with desktop terminal emulators.

Inventu Viewer+ 5250 to HTML

The Inventu Viewer+ 5250 to HTML terminal emulation provides full support for 5250 attributes (including standard, color and enhanced color) as well as keyboard buffering technology which allows users to type-ahead while screens are being sent by the host.

Inventu Viewer+ utilizes AJAX-based ASP.NET web services to implement the 5250 to HTML emulation with compression of the 5250 datastream, resulting in a highly responsive user interface. When installed on a Server, the Inventu Viewer+ 5250 html-based terminal emulation can also be seamlessly integrated with enhanced web pages or full user experiences enabled either with MicroServices or Responsive Pages created with Inventu Viewer+ Studio.

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