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3270 to Web - A protocol conversion and user interface enhancement activity that translates a 3270 datastream into an HTML page while also enhancing the user interface and providing integration with other web products. The best products provide keyboard and font compatibility with desktop terminal emulators so that existing users transition easily to the 3270 web delivery.

Inventu Flynet Viewer 3270 to Web

The Inventu Flynet Viewer 3270-to-Web terminal emulation provides full support for 3270 attributes (including standard, color and enhanced color) as well as its exclusive keyboard buffering technology which allows users to type-ahead while screens are being sent by the host.

Inventu Flynet Viewer utilizes AJAX-based web services to implement the 3270 to Web emulation with compression of the 3270 datastream, resulting in a highly responsive user interface. When installed on a Flynet Server, the 3270 web-based terminal emulation can also be seamlessly integrated with the ASP.NET Enhanced user interfaces generated by Flynet Studio.

In 2012, Flynet is introducing Cloud-level terminal emulation which enables I.T. departments to satisfy 3270 access for users with a variety of Web Browsers and devices.  In particular, an iPad-Specific URL provides optimized 3270 access for this device so popular with management in many organizations.

Screensurfer 3270 to Web

If you are interested in implementing a 3270 to Web solution, Screensurfer provides the best price performance available. Screensurfer 3270 to Web works with all available browsers, including a plug-in for keyboard support as well as high fidelity for columnar layouts using Screensurfers "Hi-Fi" emulation.

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