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3270 Internet terminal emulation requires the right approach to 3270 Internet access. If you are a typical browser-oriented user accessing 3270 Internet browser application, you can't be expected to understand how a traditional terminal emulator works. 3270 to Internet has both benefits and costs, which a true 3270 Internet Gateway such as Flynet or Screensurfer can both exploit and minimize. A standard 3270 emulator, on the other hand is just like what you have today! Why bother delivering 3270 internet applications unless you are going to improve them?

Inventu Flynet Viewer

Inventu Flynet Viewer provides "everything you need" and "nothing you don't want" for screen interfacing by development teams utilizing Microsoft IDE environments such as Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic and Visual Interdev.


Screensurfer is an All-in-one host screen-to-Web application server that runs on Windows servers such as Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Screensurfer is self-contained; no other products or development tools are needed to implement a new web-to-host application.

Inventu Corporation

Inventu provides our Customers with software and services to implement new applications that support business initiatives. Inventu concentrates on using, replacing and renewing existing (legacy) applications using our original product, Screensurfer and our latest and greatest creation, Inventu Flynet Viewer.

With an HTML-based tag language (Surferscript) which is very similar to Coldfusion CFML, Screensurfer provides very high productivity when converting existing 3270, 5250 and VT100 screens into HTML pages.

Screensurfer's IDE, the Express Editor and Debugger, provides an integrated editing and step-trace debugger for a solid editing and development environment that any developer can appreciate.

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