3270 browser - Terminal Emulation and Integration with Inventu Viewer+

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IBM Mainframe 3270 browser-based terminal emulation on the Web with Inventu Viewer+ offers a number of advantages. If you are currently using a Java or ActiveX-based web terminal emulator, you can solve your current security and browser compatibility problems!

The Inventu Viewer+ approach utilizes the latest AJAX DHTML or WebSocket techniques to ensure that user keystrokes are identical to those found in traditional desktop emulators (including keyboard buffering) and that any host writes to the screen are immediately reflected in the web browser. True 3270-to-browser Gateways such as Inventu Viewer+ exploit and optimize CSS-based customization of the IBM Mainframe 3270 attributes.

The Inventu Viewer+ 3270 for Browsers solution has excellent terminal emulator features not found in any other 3270-to-HTML product, including Scalable fonts, definable hotspots, user-controllable keyboard mapping, full keyboard support for function keys and other special keys and an advanced javascript-based macro capability.

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