3270 Protocol Terminal Emulation and Screen Scraping with Inventu Flynet Viewer

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IBM Mainframe 3270 protocol terminal emulation and integration on the Web with Inventu Flynet Viewer offers a number of advantages.

Our market-leading approach, the fastest HTML-based terminal emulator available, utilizes the latest AJAX and Websocket DHTML techniques to ensure that user keystrokes are identical to those found in traditional desktop emulators (including keyboard buffering) and that any host writes to the screen are immediately reflected in the web browser. True 3270 protocol-to-browser Gateways such as Flynet exploit and optimize CSS-based customization of the IBM Mainframe 3270 protocol attributes.

A standard desktop 3270 protocol terminal emulator, on the other hand is increasingly obsolete and causes numerous technical support requirements for installation, configuration and runtime issues.

Why bother delivering 3270 protocol Internet applications unless you are going to improve them?

Many companies have implemented user productivity applications that work as Web applications, yet still have a terminal emulator running on the user's desktop. With Inventu Flynet Viewer, the TN3270 applications can be integrated at the browser so that the users see a single menu, and can easily switch between Intranet applications and the TN3270 emulation session.

Do you Suffer from Java/ActiveX 3270 Emulator-in-a-Box Syndrome?

We call 3270 terminal emulators running as Java Applets the "Emulator-in-a-Box" solution. That is because while users initiate emulation from a "real" HTML web page, the result is typically a separate window that pops-up and becomes the TN3270 emulator. This Java Applet or an ActiveX applet, and offers little integration and a BLEAK FUTURE with other HTML page objects, meaning little integration with your pages!

With the continuing security and compatiblity issues with Java applets, these kinds of terminal emulators are in a box that is quickly sinking!

Inventu has helped many organizations, both large and small, convert from being trapped by their Java TN3270 terminal emulators -- Learn more about What You Should Look For in a TN3270 Web Terminal Emulator.

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