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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Generates either a Checkbox or Dual Radiobuttons to handle a "true/false" condition that is tied to a screen field's value.

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Checkbox or YesNoRButtons

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The FVYesNo control is designed to handle host input fields that are boolean in intent, but can have a variety of approaches.  In some cases, you are to place an "X" in an input field to indicate "True" or "Yes".  In others, placing a "Y" in a Y/N input field works as a "true" but placing an "N" will create an error!


As part of the design of the FVYesNo control, you are provided properties for the Yes/True and No/False values.  You can select whether the generated HTML should be a CheckBox or a pair of Radio Buttons with Yes/No as the values.


For those publishing to a different language or environment where "Yes" or "No" are not the preferred text to display at runtime, we would recommend that you modify your FVYesNo.cs source to reflect the preferred text if the radio buttons are selected.


For more information, see the Checkbox or YesNoRButtons sections