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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Renders a block of javascript into the active HTML which performs a call-back to fill an area of the active HTML form with a Multirow Datagrid

 Generating Template

For MultiRow FieldMap, the Standard MapTemplate (


 Source Files

WebControls\FVSubFile.cs, Web\FVLists.aspx.cs, Scripts\FVLists.js and Scripts\[projectname]Rules.js


The Javascript rendered integrates with the DHTML framework to call-back to the FVLists.aspx web page which renders the actual contents of the screen multi-row FieldMap's rows back to the page.  Once displayed on the page, each list provides a number of optional functions including drop-down action lists, roll-over AJAX popups and action popups.


Client-side determination of valid actions can be implemented in the provided [projectname]Rules.js file, which can be hooked into each list as a row is clicked.


For more information, see the Multi-row List Support Section and Its Subsections