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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Generates a CheckBox using the FVYesNo Custom Web Control, with the AsCheckbox property set true.

 Controlling Properties


The screen field will be replaced at its location with a Checkbox control- use the NoValue and YesValue properties to set what the corresponding screen values are supposed to be for the Checked (YesValue) and UnChecked (NoValue) states.


For example, if a field on a screen is supposed to have an "X" keyed into it to indicate "yes, this thing is true", or a blank to indicate "no, not this thing", then the YesValue would be = "X" and NoValue would be " " (1 blank character).





To the left, you can see the property settings for this entry field, which the user is supposed to change from "NO" to "YES" in order to suspend billing...