Flynet Viewer Base Terminal Emulation Server

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The Flynet Viewer Base Terminal Emulation Server can support thousands of terminal sessions on a single server.

Provides high performance server-based connectivity to IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400/iSeries, UNIX/Linux/VMS/PICK Systems and is the basic foundation for the Flynet Viewer runtime environment.

Connects to Many Popular Systems and Protocols

Our customers run large IBM Mainframes, some of the largest AS400's in the world and a number of different UNIX/Linux variants as well as Pick / MultiValue Database systems. The Flynet Emulation service connects to these protocols on one side and provides a uniform API on the other.

Supported Systems and Protocols:

  • IBM Mainframes - TN3270
  • AS400 / iSeries / IBM i - TN5250
  • UNIX / Linux / AIX - VT100, VT220, VT320, SCO ANSI, ADDS ViewPoint, Wyse 50, Wyse 60
  • DEC-VMS / OpenVMS - VT100, VT220, VT320
  • Tandem Nonstop - TN3270
  • Dell UNIKIX - TN3270
  • Pick / MultiValue - ADDS ViewPoint, VT220, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50, Wyse 60, AccuTerm

Multi-threaded Robust Server that runs as standard Windows Service

Our code was never part of a desktop terminal emulator; from the beginning it was finely honed to run at maximum speed in a server environment. This means that Flynet Viewer can support more concurrent sessions on a given server configuration than any other emulation solutions.

Comprehensive .NET API Library

Applications that utilize the Flynet Emulation Service, such as the FVTerm Pure Web Terminal Emulator Web Application, do so with the Flynet ViewerLib .NET Application Programming Interface.

By the use of shared memory and native Windows Synchronization objects, the performance of the API through all ranges of application challenges is unsurpassed.

The functionality and proven performance of the API has been strengthened through a decade of directly developing customer applications with the API by Inventu and Flynet, as well as creating application generators that leverage its power.

Microsoft Management Console Snap-In

This standard Windows Administration Application can be run stand-alone or added to an Administrator's MMC environment to provide integrated runtime management of the Flynet Emulation service. It is an excellent tool for both Administrators and HelpDesk personnel as users can be assisted directly through the use of the built-in terminal emulator.

It provides the ability to configure one or more Flynet servers so that from one view, multiple Flynet Servers can be monitored and managed.

Flynet MMC Snap-In Features

  • Add and Configure Multiple Flynet Servers
  • Separate No-Charge Installer available for installation on Administrator or HelpDesk PC
  • View Session Status for a configurable range
  • Start and Stop Sessions
  • View a Session in a Terminal Emulation Window - Can interact with the session

Full Function Administration App

This application provides similar functionality to the MMC Snap-In but has more comprehensive configuration capabilities. All host definitions and properties are created and managed with the Administration App.

In addition, easy access to the Trace Viewer and original Screen Recording App is provided with menu options

Administration App Features

  • Configure new host connections and manage existing ones
  • Configure Service Settings
  • Launch Trace Viewer, Screen Recorder and Screen Recordings Viewer
  • View Session Status for a configurable range
  • Start and Stop Sessions
  • View a Session in a Terminal Emulation Window - Can interact with the session

Taskbar Notification Icon and Actions

Included with the Emulation Service is a handly applet that runs in the Taskbar Notification area. It provides status information on service starts, stops and restarts. In addition, it provides convenient menu items for launching various utilities as well as starting, stopping and restarting the service.

Extensive Local and Online Help

The Help for Flynet Viewer is extensive and covers all areas of using the product as a terminal emulation server, a development platform and integration application server.

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