Change the Applications and Access that You Can

We Know How

If you have mainframe or other legacy applications that run through screens, it may be decades before they can be migrated. Meanwhile, your existing access may be outdated, costly and increasingly difficult for your users.

With our help and technology you can improve your access, reduce costs and boost productivity

How to change access and use of your terminal-based* Screen Applications?

Flynet Viewer Enable, Enhance and Evolve Technology.

*Flynet Viewer supports TN3270, TN5250, VTxxx, ANSI, Wyse, ViewPoint and XTERM...

Enable the Change with Pure Web Terminal Emulation

Your Desktop Terminal Emulators, or First-Generation Web Terminal Emulators that are based on obsolete and insecure plug-in technology...why do you still have them?

No Plugins. No Setup. No Hassle.

Want the Best Web Terminal Emulator?

Enhance the Change With Custom Screen-to-Web Pages

Perhaps you have upgraded screens in the past and now have old, Windows GUI applications that look like they were designed in 1990?

Modern Web. Responsive.

Want to Enhance your User Experience?

Evolve by Wrapping Screen Transactions as Web Services

Our tools are the fastest in the industry for capturing how your screen transactions work and publishing new web services wrapping and delivering functionality to the rest of your technology eco-system.


Want to Evolve your Screen Transactions?

Summary: Flynet Viewer Enable, Enhance and Evolve

Enable: Pure Web Terminal Emulation

Flynet Viewer Pure Web Terminal Emulation has no installation, starts and displays screens instantly in any browser, on any device.

Enhance: Upgrade the UX

With the full Flynet toolset, easily generate new responsive web pages and improved navigation for your end-user community.

Evolve: Publish Web Services

With the Flynet Viewer Studio, Rapidly capture screen behavior and data and publish standard Web Services for use anywhere.

About Us

We Are Screen Experts

If you still need to use legacy screen-based applications, we know the best ways to access and integrate them.

Our Quality Promise

Rock-solid Tools and Runtime services that deliver the best user experiences for both end-users and developers.

The Fastest Software

Fastest Pure Web Terminal Emulation; Fastest UX Upgrade and Web Services integration development...don't be slowed down!

A Few of Our Clients

  • U.S. Department of Justice - DEA El Paso Intelligence Center
  • ACS - Xerox Business Services
  • Canadian Pacific Railways
  • MasterCard Worldwide
  • Riverside County California