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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Composite Web Pages present the contents of one or more screens on a single web page.

 Controlling Properties


You create an Composite web page by adding a UIComposite object to any UI object in the Tasks View that supports a UIComposite child.  This currently includes: UIMenu and UITopPage objects.  Note that the UINotebookTab and the UIWorkflowPage are also composite web pages which can include the contents of more than one screen.


Web Page templates for composite pages are the same as those used for standard enhanced pages and are located in the folder c:\program files\flynet\Viewer\Studio\ProjTemplates\WebPages.


When a composite web page is generated, both the ASPX and ASPX.cs files are generated, and are ready to edit in Visual Studio for further refinement (in particular, moving and aligning fields from their initial positions on the screen).


Features of Composite Web Pages


Composite Web Pages share the same features as Enhanced Web Pages, with the added support for multiple source screens for the fields on the page:


Page Layout Options

DataField Support

Label Support

Multi-Row Lists (Gridview)

Action Buttons


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