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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


A Top-Level page is a container for a working set of screens and web pages your users can access.  Your project can contain more than one Top-Level page, but must contain one at a minimum.

 Controlling Properties


Your ASP.NET Web Application starts with a TopLevel web page.  A TopLevel web page is one that can be accessed from an external resource (link, user Favorites entry) without any prior session information.  Note that a toplevel page is not necessarily the first page a user might access; a Logon page will typically be generated as the default.aspx page any time users need to sign on with a userid and password to gain system access.


Top Level Page with ConnectionType = Logon Page



In addition to the Logon Page connection type, you can also define entry-points (top level pages) as using a Flynet Pooled Session or Auto Logon session.


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