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How to Implement Extended Logging in FVTerm

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Configuring the FVTerm Web.config

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To activate logging, the Web.Config file in your FVTerm active web application folder will need the following entries:


         <add key="logExtension" value="c:\FVLogger\FVExtLogger.dll"/>

         <add key="logLevel" value="ScreenDetails"/>

         <add key="loggingFolder" value="c:\program files\flynet\viewer\data"/>

         <add key="loggingDefinition" value="definitionfile.xml"/>

         <add key="logNameFormat" value="{0}_{1}_{2,-14:HH:mm:ss}"/>







The full path to the extension DLL implemented to customize logging of user data entry


A text representation of the same logging level entries used in the Web service this time, ScreenDetails is what is required for screens to be logged


Should match the current loggingFolder entry in your web service's web.config


The Flynet definition (recognition) file that matches the screens that the users will be working with--to provide both screen and input field recognition


.NET String Format for the name.  1 to 3 parameters may be included. The userid is parameter {0}, a DateTime.ShortDate string is {1} and a full DateTime.Now object is parameter {2}.