WCF - SOAP - Web API - Open API Web Services to Leverage Green Screens

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Flynet Viewer makes it easy to bring your tried and true green screen applications to authorized applications and users anytime and anywhere, published with multiple, flexible web service protocols.

Flynet Viewer is based on Decades of Experience

We have built generations of tools and runtimes that work with legacy screen-based applications and deliver the transactions run by those screens as callable code.

The Flynet Viewer approach uses repeatable actions that let you start with your most important functionality and build from there over time. Our advanced set of tools uses screen-oriented components first, then generates our exclusive object-oriented logic that is in a proven framework that is production-ready and easily extended.

Works with Any Host and Any Client Application

Flynet supports a wide variety of terminal emulation protocols and the generated web services can be called by any modern connected application including .NET, Java, PHP, Python and even directly from web clients using javascript AJAX including popular frameworks such as jQuery.

  • IBM mainframe, AS400/iSeries/IBM i, UNIX/Linux, VAX/VMS and MultiValue systems are supported using TN3270, TN5250, VT100/220/320, ADDS-Viewpoint, Wyse 50/60 or SCO-ANSI terminal protocols.
  • Robotic Process Automation - Exclusive Object-Oriented State-Based Logic Engine can Tackle the Most Complex Processing Challenges
  • Open API / Web API - Introduced in 2018 - SWAGGER Compatible Callable Services
  • Inventu ScreenAPI - Introduced in 2018 - Auto-generated Web API Read/Write/Navigate for all Screens in Your Project
  • WCF 3-Way Web Services -- WCF option Generates Web Services, REST-XML and REST-JSON options.
  • Call methods directly from web clients using jQuery AJAX/JSON requests. Each web service includes sample jQuery web pages for calling and integrating (if you prefer another Javascript framework, the calls are easily integrated as AJAX/JSON).
  • Safer and less complicated implementation of data entry and update transactions over direct database access techniques
  • Automate Database synchronization and replication with SQL Server, Oracle and other non-mainframe databases
  • Integrate host data with mobile, portals, BPM software, dashboards, and other platforms

Non-Proprietary Production Applications

Flynet Web Services are generated, fully editable Visual Studio solutions that are published as standard IIS applications (We recommend Windows Server 2016). Our code is generated in production-ready c# classes that are running today on customer servers worldwide. The logic is designed for easy modification without breaking continuous productivity brought with new code generation cycles.

  • Your web service code is insulated from any future changes to the host screens. The Flynet Viewer screen recording, modeling and screen I/O assembly generator guarantee it.
  • A long-term solution; Full integration with Microsoft web technology and tools means no wasted development and no dead-end tools
  • Logic for transactions is in object-oriented, state-based methods--tweaks to logic can be focused with minimal impacts on the rest of the application
  • All data reads/writes and navigation between screens is in automated, generated code avoiding tedious error-prone manual coding

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