Flynet Viewer Compared to CybeleSoft zScope

For a large enterprise-level deployment, be sure to select the product that will perform.

Flynet Viewer has full-functionality, minimal network impact as well as the ability to support thousands of users in clustered server environments.

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Here are a number of features to compare--the best comparison is to download Flynet Viewer and Try it for yourself...

Feature Flynet
Managed Host Connection
3270 / 5250 / VTxxx
Digital Transformation Platform and Tools
Does not send every keystroke across the network
Compressed HTTP datastream
Javascript Macro Recorder
IE6 - IE10
WebSockets OR Standard HTTP
Serverside Macros
Thousands of Sessions per VM
Mac OS/X
Android Tablets
Surface Pro
Native Virtual Keyboard
Pinch-to-Zoom on Touch
PF keys as Hotkeys
iSeries Menu items as links

Here's what our customers have to say about it:

"We have been using Flynet Viewer for three years. In that time we continue to be impressed with the levels of support and service offered. Flynet's continuous improvement system means the Viewer emulator is consistently leading the market in terms of innovation."

by Senior Executive
DAF Trucks

"Unlike the other web emulators I tried, Flynet Viewer was easy to setup and suffered no glitches along the way."

by Senior Developer
The Legend Group

"The browser based design allows us to use lighter less expensive devices. Can even use thin clients or mobile devices on the floor."

by Senior Analyst
Major Worldwide Manufacturer
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