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Cloud Ready Terminal Emulation

Two forces are driving organizations to re-visit how users access mainframe terminal-based applications:
  • The "Bring Your Own Device" invasion
  • Increasing use of Cloud-based I.T. Solutions

The Bring Your Own Device Invasion

As more and more users move both their home devices to work (and their work to their homes), I.T. organizations are increasingly challenged to deliver secure and consistent access to applications. Accessing the mainframe and/or AS400/IBM i terminal applications is vital for many users and Flynet Viewer is the best option today for multi-device, multi-location access.

Cloud-based I.T. Solutions - How to Integrate?

Legacy desktop terminal emulators have been able to use macro scripting with Visual Basic and ActiveX to integrate host data with Microsoft Office and other resources. The new WebFlow Macros feature includes Excel, Word and EMail Plug-Ins to provide the same capability!  But, if you are also interested in Cloud options, such as Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365, Flynet Viewer is the natural choice!

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Cloud-Based I.T. Integration Comparison

Cloud Integration Examples
Ease of ScriptingGoogle AppsOffice 365
Flynet ViewerWebFlow Macros - Drag and Drop Logic
Client-side Javascript
Shared on Server
Use Google Apps Javascript APIUse SharePoint Javascript API
Desktop EmulatorProprietary Scripting or VB and ActiveXNo API AvailableCustom External .NET ActiveX Call for Each Action
Java AppletProprietary Scripting If Any...No Client API AvailableNo API Available
ActiveX ControlProprietary Scripting If Any...No API AvailableNo API Available
iPad AppKeystroke record/playback onlyn.a.n.a.

Compatibility Comparison

Flynet ViewerAny Web BrowserAny Web BrowseriOS SafariiOS Safari, Android, others...
Desktop EmulatorYesMaybeNoNo
Java AppletYesYesNoMaybe
ActiveX ControlIE OnlyNoNoMaybe
iPad AppNoNoYesMaybe iPhone

Administration Comparison

Installation Requirements
Flynet ViewerWeb URL: Just use it!Web URLWeb URLWeb URL
Desktop EmulatorInstall at each PC
(Individual License)
Install at each Mac
(Individual License)
Java AppletDownload,
Permissions &
Security Issues
Permissions &
Security Issues
ActiveX ControlDownload,
Permissions &
Security Issues
n.a.n.a.Windows Phone Only
iPad Appn.a.n.a.Individual
Maybe iPhone

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