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Inventu Viewer+ Configuration Management

A simple text editor is needed for a few configuration elements not covered by a user interface.  We recommend Visual Studio Code when possible, but Notepad also works well for editing text documents and requires no additional install.




Many options for the FVTerm Web Terminal emulator are controlled in the FVTerm web.config file.  This is found in default installations at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\fvterm\web.config.


Those configuration elements that directly affect how the FVTerm application functions are managed using the CfgAdmin web page.  However, there are times when how security with IIS or other issues need to be addressed will require editing web.config.


TLS/SSL Host Connections


Options for TLS/SSL connections to host systems are controlled in the c:\program files\Inventu/Flynet\viewer\SSPI folder.  A default.cfg file is included and is used for any host that does not have a file with [hostname].cfg as the name contained in the SSPI folder.   Refer to comments in the default.cfg file for available settings.


IBM Digital Certificate Access Server (DCAS)


Note that the TLS .cfg files are also used to provide basic DCAS configuration information in addition to the more involved configuration tied to the DCAS connection extension (ask Inventu Support for more details on implementing DCAS).


SSH Host Connections


Options for SSH connections are controlled in the c:\program files\Inventu/Flynet\viewer\ssh\config folder, as with TLS, a default.cfg file covers all hosts while individual host settings are achieved with [hostname].cfg.  Refer to comments in the provided default.cfg file for available settings.